Monday, 25 September 2017

Multy mom

She works and works with hidden tire
Shouts andscolds with hidden love
She cries and cries with hidden tear
Love and care with PLEASANT face

Dilsha MK

Internal Love

   Mothers hold their

  Children hands for a 

  Short while, but their 

  Hearts..... Foreever.

                        S1 Shabna KP

Sunday, 24 September 2017


God saw my mom walking,
He made a car.
God saw my mom thirsty,
He gave her water.
God saw my mom without problems,
So he made me.
               S1 Henna T


A symbol of love, care and sacrifice
I am incomplete without you.
                                   S1 Nuha Nefer 


You held me till this moment
Promise you,"will be there forever ".
                                         S1 Rasha Sulthana

The perfect woman
Who guided me as I opened my eyes
The one who knows only to love
God I need her beside me always

Hiba Naurin

To My Mom

Love, it's eternal
From  the  day of  birth  to  the  end of  her  life
Not  till  then  ,still  it's  remains
                                  S1 Shibla VP